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Cycling4Gaza 2019
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2019 marks 12 years of the blockade on Gaza, which affects every aspect of life for the almost 2 million Palestinians living in the strip who are unable to leave the territory, and 75% of whom are internally displaced refugees.  In addition to the siege, Israel has launched three major military operations on the besieged territory since 2008. The most recent, and deadly, operation took place in 2014 and killed over 2,200 Palestinians, including 500 children, and left many more thousands with life changing injuries.  These bombing campaigns and the ongoing blockade have crippled Gaza’s economy and the freedoms of the Palestinians living there, have caused widespread destruction and left the population to suffer from shortages in essentials like food, water, electricity and medical care.  As of 2018, 96% of the water in Gaza was undrinkable and electricity supply was reduced from 8 to 4 hours per day.

With up to 50% of the population under the age of 18, children are disproportionately impacted by the dire situation in Gaza.  An entire generation of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip suffer from both physical conditions and life changing injuries, as well as mental health disorders as a result of desperate living conditions and repeated exposure to war and violence.  The lack of access to adequate health services in Gaza has resulted in thousands of children in need of specialized care that they cannot get locally.

Cycling4Gaza is back for its 11th annual cycle. This year, we are Cycling4Freedoms and we are delighted to once again be teaming up with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), who have been providing free medical care for children for over 25 years.

Cycling4Freedoms will focus on Freedom of movement and Freedom to access healthcare, both of which are enshrined in the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as stipulated in Article 13 and 25 respectively.  The lack of freedom of movement experienced by the people of Gaza takes many forms, and curtails people’s freedom to access healthcare in a number of ways:

  • Doctors and patients are not free to leave or enter Gaza without permits, which are frequently rejected and which take a long time to issue if approved
  • Medications, as well as medical equipment and supplies cannot move freely in and out of the territory, which has caused a crisis in healthcare provision in Gaza

We aim to address these issues and raise awareness in partnership with the PCRF by sponsoring the following projects:

  1. Sending injured and sick children abroad for free medical care
  2. Sponsoring medical missions to provide treatment in Gaza
  3. Sponsoring physical therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy in Northern Gaza
  4. Training for doctors and nurses in Paediatric Cancer Care abroad

These projects aim to circumvent the lack of freedoms imposed by the Israeli siege on Gaza by providing the opportunity for patients, doctors, nurses and much needed medical supplies to move in and out of the territory in order to improve the healthcare provision and treatment options for the sick and injured children of Gaza.  The projects also aim to provide expert training to local doctors in areas where there is a deficiency in the local healthcare system, as well as expert medical care in subspecialties that do not currently exist in Gaza.  By providing free medical care to these children, the PCRF helps to reduce the financial burden on families caring for sick and injured children.  Hospitals in Gaza are suffering a dire shortage of medical supplies and equipment as a direct result of the blockade which restricts the freedom of movement of goods in and out of Gaza. These projects hope to provide much needed medical equipment and supplies to hospitals to limit their reliance on external provision, and to work towards ensuring that the children of Gaza have the freedom to access healthcare locally. By working with international teams of doctors and nurses, and by sending children abroad for treatment, these projects bring awareness of the situation in Gaza to communities around the world. 

Supporting these project through sponsorship has the potential to positively impact the lives of around 1,500 children directly, with many times more that will benefit over the long-term.  This will be achieved by providing life-saving and life changing treatments to those most in need, by training over 30 medical practitioners, and by putting in place the infrastructure, expertise and resources necessary to create a sustainable, effective healthcare provision that is tailored to the needs of the population in Gaza.

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Charlie Sukljian 10/01/2020 $120.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/29/2020 $500.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/25/2020 $100.00  
Carin Wiking 08/13/2020 $30.00  
Mina Razzak 07/03/2020 $50.00 HBDx
Anonymous Friend 02/25/2020 $1,000.00  
Hana Boosh 01/19/2020 $1,093.57  
Salwa Abu-Wardeh 11/12/2019 $50.00  
Zohaib Patel 10/02/2019 $500.00 Well done Zarinhooo!
Hend ALQassem 09/10/2019 $2,400.00 Keep up the great work
Danny Da Cruz 09/10/2019 $250.00 Wonderful initiative and super accomplishment! Well done!
Joumana Al Jabri 09/04/2019 $40.00 Inspired by C4G's dedication year in year out.
Akram Dakhgan 09/04/2019 $100.00 Congratulations to such amazing efforts.
Anonymous Friend 08/31/2019 $20.00  
Ghazal Jabr 08/23/2019 $500.00 Best of luck to everyone! So proud of what you all are doing!
Steve Sosebee 08/20/2019 $1,269.00 13 year old Jenna is riding with Steve! Zeena and Layla will be cheering you amazing cyclists on. Thank you all for your hard work!
Serene Farah 08/18/2019 $100.00 So proud of what you’re all doing!
Dina Dajani 08/17/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Sanaa Badawi 08/09/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Hatem Farah 08/07/2019 $1,400.00 All the best for Khaled and Dana Abu-Nasrah
Reem Aboura 08/07/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Amalee Nsour 08/06/2019 $35.00 bike insurance
Nabeel Rauf 08/06/2019 $35.00 bike insurance
Dana Aboura 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Masa Milhem 08/06/2019 $34.00 Bike for Masa Milhem
Masa Milhem 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike for Nour Milhem
Halla Hammoudeh 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Dana Mahmoud 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Nadia Baker 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Yasmin Baker 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance Yasmin Baker
Yasmine J 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Ahmad Issa 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Iftikhar Ahmed 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Omar Tahboub 08/06/2019 $35.00 Insurance
Razan Aboura 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Tamsin Hoque 08/06/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Anonymous Friend 08/05/2019 $1,311.00 Registration and Bike Insurance
Fadi Salah 08/05/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Mohamed Arab 08/02/2019 $680.00 Mohammad Arab Deposit part 2
Mohamed Arab 08/02/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Anonymous Friend 08/02/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
Ahmad Al Masri 08/02/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Yahya Sultan 07/31/2019 $670.00 2nd half of deposit
Nesma Barghouthi 07/30/2019 $500.00 Best of luck everyone!
Salwa Abu-Wardeh 07/30/2019 $650.00 Registration Fee :)
Abdullah Salah 07/30/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Massarrah Tannous 07/30/2019 $35.00 Massarrah Bike Insurance
Tarek Raghib 07/28/2019 $35.00 Bike insurance
Mohammed Al-Shukairy 07/26/2019 $2,000.00 Very proud of the cyclists and PCRF. Keep up the good work. Lots of love to Palestine, its great people and supporters everywhere. M
Ramzi Ammouri 07/25/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance.
Dana Khaled 07/25/2019 $880.00 Regisration Balance.
Yousef ABU-Nasrah Dagamseh 07/25/2019 $850.00 Registration Balance
Lina Muhtadi 07/24/2019 $60.00 bike insurance for Lina Muhtadi and Wael Alghalayini
Ahmad Al Khayyat 07/23/2019 $50.00 Bike insurance
Anonymous Friend 07/23/2019 $35.00 Bike Insurance
M M 07/22/2019 $50.00 Bike insurance
Nour Huneidi 07/20/2019 $50.00 Bike Insurance
Randa Khalil 07/19/2019 $50.00 Bike insurance
Anonymous Friend 07/17/2019 $50.00  
Randa Khalil 07/13/2019 $1,350.00  
Ahmad Al Masri 07/04/2019 $680.00 Registration part 2
Anonymous Friend 07/02/2019 $1,329.55  
Yara Alsaleh 06/30/2019 $698.00 2nd installment registration fees
Ahmad Issa 06/27/2019 $360.00 Registration fees
Yara Alsaleh 06/26/2019 $698.00 Second installment registration fees
Sanaa Badawi 06/25/2019 $633.00 Remainder of the Registration Fee for Cycling4Gaza 2019
Ahmad Al Khayyat 06/18/2019 $1,330.00 Full registration fee for Ahmad Al Khayyat
Nadia Baker 06/13/2019 $690.00 2nd Deposit
Yasmin Baker 06/13/2019 $340.00 DEPOSIT 2
Ramzi Ammouri 06/13/2019 $690.00 2nd deposit.
Reem Aboura 06/12/2019 $720.00 2nd Deposit
Dana Aboura 06/12/2019 $690.00 2nd deposit
Razan Aboura 06/12/2019 $690.00 2nd deposit
Nour Taher 06/11/2019 $650.00 2nd payment
Khaled Aboueid 06/11/2019 $715.00 Deposit 2
Amalee Nsour 06/11/2019 $700.00 deposit 2/2
M M 06/11/2019 $685.00 Remaining registration
Jenna Hamed 06/10/2019 $1,330.00 Full registration
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Yahya Sultan 06/01/2019 $651.00 Deposit
Sofia Eid 05/30/2019 $640.00 Deposit
Yousef ABU-Nasrah Dagamseh 05/30/2019 $650.00 Registration Fees
Dana Khaled 05/30/2019 $620.00 Registration Fees
Anonymous Friend 05/22/2019 $650.00 Registration fee
Amalee Nsour 05/20/2019 $640.00 Registration fee
Massarrah Tannous 05/19/2019 $1,335.00 Full Registration Fee
Ahmed Khfaga 05/15/2019 $650.00 Deposit - C4G 19
S F 05/15/2019 $650.00 Deposit - C4G 19
Kareem Alghalayini 05/10/2019 $1,370.00 Deposit - Registration Fee for Kareem Alghalayini
Ali Alauddin 05/09/2019 $717.00 Remainder for registration cycling 2019- 550 GBP
Ali Alauddin 05/08/2019 $650.00 500 GBP for registration C4G 2019
Ola Tahboub 05/07/2019 $500.00  
Halla Hammoudeh 05/07/2019 $715.00 Registration balance!
Anonymous Friend 05/06/2019 $720.00 C4G Balance
Tariq Yasin 05/04/2019 $700.00  
Sanaa Badawi 05/04/2019 $700.00 Deposit
Nour Huneidi 05/04/2019 $1,360.00 Full registration fee
Ahmad Issa 05/03/2019 $1,000.00 Registration
Reem Aboura 05/03/2019 $650.00 Deposit
Ahmad Al Masri 05/03/2019 $650.00 Registration
Mohamed Arab 05/02/2019 $650.00 C4G 2019 Deposit
M M 05/01/2019 $655.00 500 GBP Deposit
Basma Khalifeh 04/30/2019 $715.00 Remaining Deposit
Steve Sosebee 04/30/2019 $1,362.22 Cycling4Gaza
Abdullah Salah 04/30/2019 $715.00 Registration Balance
Tarek Raghib 04/30/2019 $720.00 Remaining deposit - Cycling for Gaza.
Fadi Salah 04/30/2019 $718.00 Remaining balance
Iftikhar Ahmed 04/29/2019 $700.00  
Masa Milhem 04/29/2019 $730.00 Registration - Balance
Masa Milhem 04/29/2019 $730.00 Registration-Balance
Tamsin Hoque 04/29/2019 $730.00 Registration balance
Dana Mahmoud 04/29/2019 $1,358.00 Full registration fee
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Yasmine J 04/27/2019 $1,371.00 full registration fee
Anonymous Friend 04/24/2019 $650.00 Deposit.
Khaled Aboueid 04/22/2019 $650.00 Deposit
Yara Alsaleh 04/19/2019 $650.00 Deposit- C4G 2019
Yara Alsaleh 04/18/2019 $650.00 Deposit- C4G 2019
Masa Milhem 04/14/2019 $655.00 Deposit
Masa Milhem 04/14/2019 $655.00 Deposit
Tarek Raghib 04/11/2019 $650.00 Deposit- 2019 Cycling4Gaza Cycle
Anonymous Friend 04/11/2019 $650.00 C4G Deposit
Fadi Salah 04/11/2019 $650.00 Deposit
Halla Hammoudeh 04/10/2019 $650.00 Deposit!
Abdullah Salah 04/10/2019 $650.00 Deposit
Iftikhar Ahmed 04/09/2019 $650.00 Deposit
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Razan Aboura 04/08/2019 $650.00 Deposit
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Omar Tahboub 04/05/2019 $650.00 registration fee -- cycling for gaza.
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Nadia Baker 04/05/2019 $650.00 Deposit
Lina Muhtadi 04/04/2019 $1,308.00 deposit
Zein Nimri 04/03/2019 $500.00  
  Total $78,166.34  
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