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The Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Randa's 2019 Marathon Fundraising Page
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This is a very big year for me and Team Palestine.  This year, it's our 10th Anniversary since the inception of Team Palestine in 2009.Throughout the years, the team has grown through runners and money.  I joined in early 2012 and was able to raise some money and grow with the team.  Currently, this is year number 8 for me and I would like to make it a sweet one.  Since I have joined, I have raised a little more than $21,000 via online fundraising.  I would like to make sure I hit $30,000 for my lifetime total as of 2019. I have a hefty goal of $8500 this year, but I know I can hit it.  Help me hit my lifetime goal by donating any amount you want to the PCRF.  

This year, our effort will go towards a pediatric intensive care unit and cardiac wing in Ramallah.  Children shouldn't have to worry about where they are going to get their medicine, it should be readily available.  The PCRF makes that happen, with your help.  Please donate! 

For 10 years, Team Palestine for the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (TP4PCRF) has participated as a force that runs the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to help raise funds for various projects and centers to help children in Palestine and the Middle East. TP4PCRF runs because #everymilesavesachild. This year, we are running to help establish a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Ramallah, Palestine. With the PICU, children will be able to receive the adequate care they will need in dire situations. Runners from all over the world join together in Chicago to create awareness and celebrate their fundraising accomplishments by running 26.2 miles.
The PCRF was established in 1991 to help address the medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youth in the Middle East and has become the largest provider of free, specialized surgical care to all children regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background. The PCRF has been awarded the top 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for fiscal management, while being able to treat more kids than any other charity in the Middle East and is 501(c)3 tax exempt.  Please visit www.pcrf.net and www.teampalestine.com for more information on PCRF and Team Palestine for PCRF. 
Name Date Amount Comments
Rafeeq Jaber 05/22/2020 $100.00 keep up the good work.
Anonymous Friend 12/16/2019 $1,645.00 NS
Anonymous Friend 12/16/2019 $105.00 NS#2
Bentley Patterson 12/03/2019 $340.00 #FFHolidayChallenge #RunRandaRun
Donna Woszczak 10/16/2019 $50.00 Great job Randa!
Anonymous Friend 10/14/2019 $20.00 $10 for the kids. $5 so you don’t beat me up. $5 since we’re best friends.
Nina Shoman-Dajani 10/13/2019 $50.00 Congrats Randa! ♥️
Ameira Lambaz 10/12/2019 $25.00 Good luck! Allah ma3aki!
Firas & Wijdan Tanya Naji 10/11/2019 $50.00  
Curtis Johnson 10/11/2019 $50.00 Support your mission, Rhanda! ❤️
Mickey Hade 10/11/2019 $25.00  
Susan Werneske 10/08/2019 $50.00 Goodd luck, Wifey!
Bentley Patterson 10/01/2019 $100.00 In celebration of Zaina and Nusayba Ali's life saving operations.
Agnes Piwowarczyk 10/01/2019 $50.00  
Joulie Sleiman 09/13/2019 $100.00 Lately, I've been a horrible friend as a Sleiman for not donating, so here you go...in the name of Ladaa!!!!! Best of luck hob!!
Mustafa Shalabi 08/29/2019 $50.00  
Paul Gebo 07/22/2019 $100.00 God bless you and all your great work, Randa (and PCRF)!
Qusai Mahmud 07/20/2019 $95.00  
Summar Zayid 07/14/2019 $50.00 Goodluck!!!
Runda Badwan 07/14/2019 $100.00 Good luck!
Anonymous Friend 07/03/2019 $500.00 HM
Noor Abutaha 07/01/2019 $100.00  
Chad Morgan 07/01/2019 $25.00 You will do great in your run!
William Filetti 06/20/2019 $25.00 Best of luck Randa!
Lena Hanson 06/07/2019 $75.00 Thank YOU for everything!
Roxane Assaf Lynn 06/07/2019 $10.00 Forever inspired by the dignity and virtue of the Abunimeh family of Battir, Bethlehem District, West Bank, Palestine!
Jean Des Biens 03/29/2019 $20.00  
Petra-Kate Califano 03/24/2019 $50.00 In memory of Adeeb.
Bentley Patterson 03/24/2019 $500.00 I see Bill's $50 And return it 10x (And also my make-good for screwing up on the date of the PCRF dinner... I swear I thought it was in April!)
Omar Odeh 03/24/2019 $73.00  
William Filetti 02/13/2019 $100.00 Half from me and half in the name of Bentley Patterson for good deeds done. :)
Bentley Patterson 01/31/2019 $102.00 Jan... go for triple that in Feb!
Firas Naji 01/04/2019 $100.00 We are very proud of you!!
Paul Gebo 12/31/2018 $50.00 Blessings, Randa!
Tarrant-Hoskins Nikki 12/03/2018 $25.00 Run, Randa, run
  Total $4,910.00  
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